My Little Red Book
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  Rachel Kauder Nalebuff  

Rachel Kauder Nalebuff was initially embarrassed by her first period, but the power of these recollections has rubbed off. She has come to embrace her own story (and has even used it as a conversation starter). Because she talked about periods...let’s just say more than once a month, it was inevitable that she would go down in her high school's history as "the period girl." She is absolutely cool with that.

Rachel is on a gap year before heading to Yale. In her free time, she plays guitar, rides/falls off her unicycle, and indulges in late-night pie baking with friends. She is donating all the proceeds of My Little Red Book to women’s health charities so that this book may benefit girls beyond its readers. My Little Red Book is her first published work.

Have questions? Send Rachel an email.

Read a short Q&A with Rachel.


This book would, of course, not have been possible without the 100 authors (listed below) who were willing to share their first period stories. Many of them have web sites to further exhibit their awesomeness as authors, artists, entrepreneurs, activists, moms, etc., so be sure to check them out.


M. Eliza Hamilton Abegunde
Aysegul Altintas
Emelia Arthur
Judy Nicholson Asselin

Jen Bashian
Nina Bassman
Jennifer Baumgardner
Nina Bentley
Marianne Bernstein
Jill Bialosky
Leigh Bienen
Judy Blume
Patricia Boyd
Amy Burdick

Meg Cabot
Nancy Caruso
Diablo Cody
Carla Cohen
Catherine Conant

Lisa Selin Davis
Jennifer Asanin Dean
Ellen Devine
Jenni Deslandes
Debby Dodds

Marian Firke


Elli Foster
Sondra Freundlich-Hall —
Come to Your Senses Events

Barclay Rachael Gang
Bonnie Garmisa
Lola Gerhard
Sharon Gerhard
Lily Gottschalk
Linda Greenberg — Via Mia Design
Nancy Gruver — New Moon Girls
Sandra Guy

Emily Hagenmaier
Sara Hickman
Mary Hu
Tonya Hurley

Michele Jaffe
Catherine Johnson-Roehr
Erica Jong

Thelma Kandel
Zoe Kauder Nalebuff
Joe Kelly — Dads & Daughters
Harvey Kliman
Kathi Kovacic
Maxine Kumin

Ilene Lainer


Yulia Laricheva
Amy H. Lee
Zannette Lewis
Linda Lindroth

Xiao Ling Ma
Krista Madsen — Stain Bar
Patty Marx
Fatema Maswood
Kica Matos
Joyce Maynard
Megan McCafferty
Jacquelyn Mitchard
Bita Moghaddam
Bernadette Murphy
Thatcher Mweu

Marcia Nalebuff
Miriam Nelson — Strong Women

Juanita Pahdopony
Kimberly Piccirilli
Tamora Pierce

Moira Kathleen Ray
Helma Reynolds
Deo Robbins


Sarah Rosen

Penelope Scambly Schott
Jessy Schuster
Pearl Stein Selinsky
Shobha Sharma
Annie Sherman
Suzan Shutan
Aliza Shvarts
Elizabeth Siciliano
Gloria Steinem
Louise Story
Kathrine Switzer

Tatum Travers

Rachel Vail
Shalom Victor
Cecily von Ziegesar

Patsy Warner
Monica Wesolowska
Laura Wexler
Rebecca Wexler
Margaret Whitton
Laura Madeline Wiseman
Henrietta Wittenberg

Kate Zieman

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