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Want to do more to help? Check out these non-profit organizations—many of which will receive donations out of the proceeds of My Little Red Book—that are working to advance women's health and empowerment.

Also, be sure to read the op-ed that Rachel Kauder Nalebuff and Elizabeth Scharpf of Sustainable Health Enterprises co-wrote for the Huffington Post!

  Rachel and Neelima of Seva Mandir

Rachel Kauder Nalebuff presents a check to Neelima Khetan of Seva Mandir.

Rachel and Caren Spruch

Rachel with Caren Spruch of Real Life Real Talk at MLRB's book launch


In India, Seva Mandir works to alleviate poverty through its many environmental, educational, and health programs. Funds from this book will be directed to support its women's empowerment and health education programs in Udaipur. Through its grassroots outreach, Seva Mandir has affected the lives of more than ten thousand women in the area, and now it will reach even more.

In Kenya, the Health and Water Foundation provides water, private toilets, and sanitary supplies to rural schools in order to keep girls in school. Girls with no sanitary supplies stay home, and even those who do have supplies often choose to stay at home in order to avoid the lack of privacy at exposed outdoor toilets. A further problem for girls is that many schools lack even a single female teacher or counselor. The royalties of this book will support the foundation's School Water and Sanitation Project, which provides sanitary supplies and private toilets. Started in 2007, this project has already helped hundreds of girls in the Nyamira District and ensures that each school has at least one female teacher to serve as a sex-education counselor for girls.

Other organizations with similar missions in Africa include The Campaign for Female Education, CARE (Basic and Girls' Education Unit), Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), Save the Children's program in Ethiopia, and UNICEF. In Zimbabwe, Action for Southern Africa is working domestically to provide sanitary supplies through its Dignity! Period campaign.

Girls Incorporated is a nonprofit organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. With local roots dating to 1864 and national status since 1945, Girls Inc. has responded to the changing needs of girls through research-based programs and public education efforts that empower girls to understand, value, and assert their rights. Funds from this book will support one of its most popular programs, which teaches personal sexual health and provides a safety network for open discussions as well as access to health care.

Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of sexual education and health services in the United States. It is one of the few organizations that provide accurate medical education to teens, men, and women about safe-sex practices, STDs, and reproductive health care options. Funds from this book will support its Real Life Real Talk programs, which teach parents how to talk to their kids openly and honestly about sex.

Choice USA is a youth-led organization that seeks to protect women's reproductive rights. Providing college campuses across the states with educational workshops and publicized by respected young leaders, Choice USA is one of the freshest voices in today's women's health movement. Funds from this book will support their Reproductive Justice Organizing Academy, which provides classes, informational sessions, and training to help young women mobilize communities to promote reproductive health and freedom.

Love146 is a New Haven-based organization working, primarily in Southeast Asia, to combat child sex trafficking and exploitation through prevention and aftercare. It trains counselors to help rehabilitate children (mostly girls) rescued from brothels, builds safehomes to protect them, aids socioeconomic development programs in high-risk communities, and raises awareness of this form of modern-day slavery. Love146 earned the MySpace Impact Award for Social Justice in 2007.


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